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What is Cold Storage?

Cold storage facility works as a refrigeration system to preserve food and pharmaceutical products. It is the most efficient location for storing fruits and vegetables. It regulates different gases and maintains an appropriate temperature and humidity level inside. It is now being used in many places like food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and many other industries. Cold storage has many advantages, some of them are as follows:

Advantages of cold storage in food Industry:

Temperature and Moisture Control:

In cold storage containers fruits, vegetables and different products are stored at a lower temperature. Cold storage containers are airtight containers where various gases are controlled and monitored. These airtight containers also help in shielding your products from outside weather fluctuations and harsh temperatures. The concentration of gases can vary according to the requirement of different products. Humidity can also be controlled in cold storage. So, these containers are very helpful in controlling moisture when needed.

Adjustable sizes:

Different sizes of cold storage containers are now available. You can get a customized size according to your requirement. A refrigeration system is installed in the cold storage containers to preserve fruits and vegetables at low temperatures. You don’t need to have a different cooling unit to store fruits, vegetables and different products now, cold storage can do the work. A refrigeration system is installed in cold storage containers to preserve food at low temperatures.

Saves Energy:

Cold storage is used to store a specific seasonal commodity, such as potatoes, apples, chilies, etc. Seasonal cold storage is a highly effective and environmentally friendly method. To provide free cooling in the summer, it harnesses the winter’s stored natural cold energy. Ice is used to store the generated cold energy in an insulated tank.

Profitable for the farmers:

Cold storage is used to store seasonal fruits. So, farmers can store seasonal fruits in bulk quantity which they can sell throughout the year to earn profit.

Increases Export:

Cold storages prevent the wastage of food. A large quantity of fruits and vegetables gets wasted due to poor post-harvest management. If farmers of a country like Pakistan invest in cold storage, they can preserve a large number of fruits and vegetables in peak season which they can sell worldwide throughout the year to earn profit. Globalization has increased the consumption of various goods and products because we can easily transport goods from one country to another. So, farmers can export fruits and vegetables in different countries by preserving them in cold storage.

Profitable for stakeholders:

The cold storage facility has encouraged stakeholders and investors to invest more in agriculture businesses. Applying an effective supply chain that incorporates a cold storage system can reduce the waste of organic food items by tonnes and save up to $300 billion annually.

Benefits of Cold Storage in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Pharmaceutical industries are saving lives by providing people with the appropriate medicines. Medicines need the proper temperature to be stored so cold storage is an efficient way to store medicines. Pharmaceutical Industries need cooling units for storing raw material to storing final products. Injectables and many other different medicines need to be stored in places where there is no moisture. Cold storages are airtight in containers and they prevent medicines from exposing to severe heat.

How Izhar Foster Can Help?

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