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Banana ripening cold chambers is a necessity for best quality

 Fruit maturation allows fruits to be kept in the most desirable condition. Fruit ripening is a set of processes which emerge from later stages of fruit development. Since consumers want fruit in the most desirable state, fruit ripening and cold storage help to maintain its quality characteristics. 

Typically, bananas perish quickly in the absence of adequate cold temperatures. The firmness of the fruit flesh disappears with time and the acid level also reduces. This is why cold stores for banana storage are indispensable for preserving them in prime conditions and preventing spoilage. 

What is Fruit Ripening?

Fruit ripening, in case you haven’t heard about it, is a vital concept. Ripening process in fruits is an important part to produce the best flavor and its texture. It even increases its smell and makes consumers to crave it more.

However, some people eat bananas well before they ripe which gives them a completely different flavor and experience. When consumers in Pakistan are ready to buy fruit from the market, the ripeness of the fruit matters the most to help them make the best choice.

Two things are important to maintaining as softness and flavor of fruit; one to slow down the ripening process the atmosphere around the fruit must be controlled, first carbon dioxide levels are increased and reduced oxygen levels. Fruit need oxygen to ripen, so with less oxygen present in the atmosphere, the fruit ripening process is slowed. The other way to slow down ripening process is to block the action of ethylene. (Ethylene is a hormone required to trigger fruit ripening).

Cold Storages and Banana Ripening for Tastier and Sweeter Bananas

Banana in Pakistan is found in small to medium size and yellow color once ripened. Bananas can be stored for the long-term; however, it is vital to understand the impact of Cold storage and ripening chambers on the overall quality of bananas.

For trading purposes, bunches of bananas are prepared and washed before they can be kept in a cold room. Ideally, the banana is kept in cold storage set up with a temperature level of +12/+15 °C. This temperature can differ depending on the variety of bananas in the cold rooms.

Cold storage and banana ripening rooms are designed by our experts to provide adequate temperature management to preserve fruits. For example, the management of Ethylene gas and venting of CO2 gas helps to improve the ripening process and provides optimum output.

Carbon Dioxide Venting

CO2 level should be less than 0.5%. the ventilation must be performed even during ethylene addition. For ripening ‐ one room volume can be 2 ‐ 4 hrs. and For De-greening ‐ one room volume to be 0.5 ‐ 1 hr.

With controlled ethylene release these levels will prevent explosions. The storage area and ripening units are kept separated, the ethylene used is reduced.

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Izhar Foster Banana Ripening Chambers in Pakistan- For Banana Flavor and Quality

Izhar Foster Banana Ripening Chambers in Pakistan- For Banana Flavor and Quality

Bananas are loved all over Pakistan and consumed throughout the year. Bananas also need specific conditions and humidity levels to maintain their freshness. They tend to lose their flavor if kept outside in cold storage. No doubt banana cold stores by Izhar Foster help clients to maintain the optimal conditions for bananas.

  • Banana cold storages are vital for extending their shelf life.
  • They ensure a steady banana supply throughout the year.
  • Help farmers improve the storage and demand of bananas
  • Reduce the loss of this delicious fruit.
  • Provide turnkey solutions to the farmers and fruit distributors
  • Provide well-engineered and designed banana storage & ripening rooms
  • Help customers choose the best refrigeration systems
  • Ensure seamless supply of banana in all cities of Pakistan

Banana Cold Storage is the Key to Deliciousness

 With years of experience, our engineers know that bananas are extremely sensitive fruit items and need temperatures to suit their needs. However, if the fruit is kept below 56 °F (13 °C) for several hours, chilling can happen. It is vital to avoid temperatures above 65 °F to improve the shelf life of the fruit.

Therefore, considering the best practices to maintain and manage banana cold storage and ripening chambers in Pakistan, we strive to create the perfect conditions for storing bananas in cold rooms all across the country.

The ideal Temperature

There are conditions to store banana in a cold room. For example, Izhar Foster’s expert banana cold storage specialist suggest the following temperatures for banana storage.

Storage temperature: 13 to 14 °C
Humidity: Can be 90 to 95%
Storage life: Can be up to 6 weeks at 14 °C

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Building Banana Ripening Chambers

At Izhar Foster Pakistan, our professional engineers know what is required to ensure a design of an effective ripening chamber for banana storage. We have created many state of art commercial banana storage and ripening rooms across Pakistan.

We keep the following things in our mind to ensure an effective design of a banana ripening chamber.

  1. A banana cold storage and ripening room must be as air tight as possible.
  2. The design should prevent ethylene loss
  3. In order to keep the temperature within a certain range, the room must be properly insulated.
  4. The room should have enough refrigeration capacity necessary to control pulp temperature
  5. The air circulation in the room must be maintained properly.
  6. If needed, the room can have heating equipment. This will ensure adequate room temperature.



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