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Izhar Foster Fruits and Vegetables Cold Storages

Fruits and vegetables are the most delicious, yet sensitive and perishable items if not stored in proper conditions. Similar to meat, eggs, and milk, fruits and vegetables also require adequate room temperatures to retain their freshness and quality. As a general rule, fruits and vegetables require a storage temperature close to 2°C and 8°C.

Adequate storage conditions for Fruits and Vegetables

To avoid the growth and proliferation of bacteria, fruits and vegetables must be kept within the right optimum temperatures and relative humidity levels. For example, if bananas, mango, or apple are stored without cold storage, the humidity level may reduce their freshness. It is advised to monitor these factors before storing fruits and vegetables to prolong their lives.

These requirements are important for everyone to follow including producers, packers, and transporters of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, placing these fruits and vegetable products in properly-designed cold storage is one step further into improving their shelf life. And this is what we do at Izhar Foster cold storage manufacturing company.

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The Benefits of Using Cold Storage or Commercial Refrigeration for Fruits and Vegetables

The fact remains that without cold storage, most fruits and vegetables will not last longer than a few days. Some even lose their taste and quality within a day or two. Therefore, as soon as the fresh produce is harvested, the process of cool chain must be followed otherwise there are chances that without adequate cold storage the produce will lose its value and quality due to countless dangerous bacteria in the air.

What do Refrigeration and Blast Freezers do?

Using modern cold storage equipment such as blast freezers and refrigerators can lower the temperature in the room from -18˚C ~ -40˚C and create an effective cold environment to reduce the growth of pathogenic fungi. This strategy is vital for reducing spoilage of fruits and vegetables kept in a cold room with minimum temperature.

Izhar Foster - We are nationwide fruits and vegetables cold room providers

For preserving the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, cold storages are indispensable. In summer the temperatures in Lahore, Karachi, Multan and other cities of Pakistan affect fruits’ quality and cause deterioration quickly. Our company specializes in providing the right and well-designed cold storage solutions to slow down the deterioration and improve the preservation of fruits and vegetables.

As Pakistan’s top cold storage company, Izhar Foster provides nationwide reliable and high-quality solutions for fruits and vegetables cold storage to satisfied clients. We have a fully qualified and trained team of professionals that can design and engineer small cold rooms and large cold storages for maintaining adequate temperatures for your fruit and vegetable products.

  • We suggest to make sure that customers do not break the cold chain when they store fruits and vegetables.
  • We use refrigeration and blast-freezing equipment (equally popular options) for ensuring the quality of fruits and vegetables.
  • We maintain cold storage units with varied temperatures for both freezing and chilling options.
  • All cold storage rooms for fruits and vegetables can maintain a temperature between   -40°C to +10°C. This ensures the ultimate freshness of nutrients.
Cold Stores for Fruits and Vegetables

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We Ensure the Best Practices for Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Our experts know there is no option for farmers in Pakistan but to use cold storage and place fruits and vegetable items safely until they find the right market conditions and to avoid spoilage. Our company has a holistic goal of reducing food waste in Pakistan and maximizing the productivity of food producers and also helps to increase exports.

  • We Store Fruits and Vegetables Separately

Since most fruits produce a hormone called ethylene, it is known for affecting all the surrounding vegetables. For example, if fruits are placed near vegetables, ethylene changes the color and flavor of the entire produce of fruits and vegetables. Hence, we store fruits and vegetables separately to avoid food spoilage risk.

  • We Adhere to Industry’s Best Storage Practices 

At Izhar Group, we ensure that overstocking in cold storage is avoided. Storing fruits above the unit’s capacity is not a wise strategy. It can result in high internal temperatures and can surge fruit or vegetable deterioration. We suggest to use tightly packed pallets to save food products from bruising and crushing. This also saves them from the harmful growth of bacteria.

We can provide turnkey cold storage solutions

Izhar Group specializes in providing turnkey solution to its client for fruits and vegetables cold storage rooms across all Pakistan. We provide them with tailored solutions for their fruits and vegetables to remain fresh, tasty and preferable to have longer storage life.

  • We design, build, and maintain cold rooms for all types of fruits and vegetables
  • We operate in all cities of Pakistan
  • We design everything from building, equipment, insulation to the selection of refrigeration systems
  • We ensure maintaining a constant cold temperature for fruits and vegetables
  • We reduce fruit loses and food waste
  • We build and monitor your cold rooms and refrigerators constantly
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