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Izhar Foster Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Solutions

Pharmaceutical businesses are working globally to help people live healthier lives. These companies provide us with medications around the clock. However, to protect pharmaceutical products from extremes of heat and cold, cold store is an important component to save drugs from effecting environment, medicines cannot be kept near heat sources and need ambient temperatures. The ultimate goal of Izhar’s pharmaceutical cold store division is here to assist our clients by providing the best possible storage solution for their medicine stock and to prevent these medicines from degradation and losses.

Medicines are saviors! We provide solutions to

“keep them cool in cold store chambers”.

Cold rooms and temperature-controlled storage solutions are imperative for medications for maintaining their quality before they expire. Since pharmaceutical products are sensitive to humidity, sunlight, and temperature, their efficacy depends significantly on storing them in temperature-controlled cold environment.

This is the No.1 reason pharmaceutical manufacturers in Pakistan must store their products in carefully engineered cold rooms and storages all over the country.

Izhar Group Pharmaceutical Cold Room Solutions- Providing Value to Our Stakeholders

Izhar Foster pharmaceutical cold storage provider is a known leader in the pharmaceutical storage industries. With most advanced technology, precision engineering, and high-quality PIR panel insulation and high standard materials there is no alternative to the pharmaceutical storage solutions offered by Izhar Foster.

We focus on:

  • Design and cold storage space selection
  • Best designed rack system solution for space utilization
  • Equipment selection regarding refrigeration systems
  • Saving energy by appropriately allocating refrigeration units in each cold storage
  • Streamlining the supply chain management of manufacturers
  • Minimizing gas emissions from cold storage units
  • Using temperature and humidity measurement tools to monitor the temperature of pharma products

Clean rooms / Pharmaceutical Cold Rooms- According to International Standards

Izhar Foster company in Pakistan helps the pharmaceutical industry to thrive and flourish. Our focus is on providing clients with clean and concise storage environments and maintain them according to international standards.

Since pharmaceutical container cold storage units are designed more or less the same in any industry, we provide quality industry-specific solutions and added features to implement cold storage for many of our pharmaceutical clients.

Besides, no one will save our health if we don’t support the pharmaceutical Industry. Since, the greatest threat to our health is the lack of medications and vaccines, these products loose value or quality due to inefficient temperature-storages.

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Cold Storage

The Benefit of Izhar Foster’s Pharmaceutical cold store rooms

Pharmaceutical storage requirements vary depending on the need and requirements. Your vaccine, lab sample or other pharmaceutical storage needs may require specific environmental cool chamber characteristics depending on the storage needs of the medicines you are handling.

Izhar Pharmaceutical cold storage is generally organized in the following categories:

Room temperature storage:

For the purpose of pharmaceutical storage, room temperature basically refers to 20°C – 25°C. Our designed pharmaceutical storage chambers offer excellent control and conditions exceeding requirements. For the many pharmaceuticals that require room temperature storage conditions, Izhar foster offers pharmaceutical storage stability chambers that are a perfect fit. When you are dealing with higher volumes or larger samples, a custom walk-in cold room or clean room is the right choice.

Pharma Cold storage:

According to the medicine requirement pharmaceutical cool store is storage of your medicine stock between 8°C – 15°C and pharmaceutical storage temperatures are between 2°C – 8°C. Izhar foster cold store manufactures top-of-the-line cool pharmaceutical storage. The temperature capabilities ranging from 2° C to 15° C, this is the perfect pharmaceutical cold storage requirements. For larger volume operations, go with a custom walk in cold room.

Freezer storage:

Pharmaceutical freezer storage ranges in temperature from -25°C – 10°C. Izhar Foster pharma cold store manufacturers are the best choice for any freezer pharmaceutical storage applications solutions. As one of our best we offer excellent control at low temperatures for vaccine storage and other pharmaceutical storage needs. If you need more space for your pharmaceutical storage freezer, we provide you with best solution of walk-in freezer.

Compared to standalone fridges and freezers, cold rooms are dedicated places installed outdoors at clients premises. For example, some hospitals and pharmaceutical stores  lack space within their shops or buildings; we help them out by designing and installing bespoke walk in cold rooms in any specified location.

We provide the highest quality turnkey pharmaceutical cold storage solutions in all major cities of Pakistan. We ensure that our most advanced equipment, refrigeration and cold rooms design solutions are second to none. Our temperature-controlled cold rooms and storage technologies offer:

  • Nationwide onsite refrigeration storage equipment
  • Custom temperature ranges of -28C to 8 C
  • Electric Powered Operation (208-220 volts, single phase)
  • Aesthetically viable engineered cold rooms
  • Around the clock service
  • Bring lightening facilities for interior
  • Custom cold storage units design
  • Energy-efficient refrigeration
  • Prevention of ice formation or condensation on ceilings and floors of cold rooms

Door Locking System

Moreover, we build the best cold made with PIR panel, our cold room doors has a door locking system to provide extra security and helps to keep your expensive medications safe.

Safety against all types of weather

Pharmaceutical cold rooms by Izhar Foster are always designed for the safety of clients’ products. We plan to install cold rooms for expensive medical equipment and medications externally with a waterproof design. This design helps to withstand all types of harsh weather and always come with backup refrigeration systems.

Protection against Power Loss

in case a power loss occurs or your unit stops working our cold room design helps to maintain the temperature with back refrigeration system. This ensures the ultimate and prolonged safety of your products and gives you time to replace or repair the existing system.

Carefully Maintained Temperature

In Izhar Foster’s designed pharma cold rooms are safer and proper storage of medicines, vaccines, and even blood samples. This is because, in a cold room, the temperature needs to be carefully controlled. We make slight temperature adjustments based on our experts calculations to maintain the quality of these health-specific products thus, it enhances their usability over long periods.

If you have specific queries regarding our pharmaceutical cold rooms’ solutions, please feel free to contact us at or call our customer support number at 042-35141320.

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