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Potato and Onion Cold Store by Izhar Foster Cold Storage Company

We are Izhar Foster industrial cold storage and refrigeration solution providers for potatoes and onions!

Industrial refrigeration and cold storage services have been used for decades to ensure adequate temperature and environment are provided to store fruits & vegetables. Due to the growing needs of the population, the demand for sophisticatedly engineered Ozone-friendly FireSafe cold storage has surged tremendously; and, storage of onions and potatoes is no exception.

Vegetable cold storage is our business, and we take it seriously! 

In Pakistan, onions and potatoes are the most frequently consumed commodities in a household. Potato crops produced in bulk need continuous care and adequate cold storage to meet the demands of the industry. These vegetables need a dry space with an appropriate temperature and relative humidity to retain their shapes and taste quality.

Keeping in mind these requirements, Izhar foster cold storage company provides cooling systems and large cold rooms with adequate atmospheric conditions that are maintained over time to preserve these ingredients during on and off seasons.

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The Need for Potato and Onion Cold Storage in Pakistan

Our expert engineers believe that building up an appropriate cold storage facility for potatoes, vegetables, fruits, and onions can reduce their waste by up to 3% to 5%. Typically, cold storage solutions that involve storing of potatoes and onions in bulk requires large rooms containing refrigeration system and large-sized warehouses. The purpose of these potato and onion cold storage warehouses is to maintain a specific temperature and humidity level to ensure the quality of potatoes and onions these are also the best ventilation facilities our experienced team of engineers assist clients in controlling and reducing spoilage of potatoes and onions by providing best possible solution according to local environment.

Besides, we are the only company in Pakistan that incorporates the highest industry standards to offer tailored potato and onion cold storage solutions in large as well as small cities.

We Provide Ready-to-use Potato Cold Rooms and Equipment

Don’t take the hassle of storing potatoes in your refrigerators. Use the better solution.

Potatoes last longer when they are stored in a cool dark place. Our service is to provide you ready-to-use potato cold storage solutions, freezer spaces, and equipment.

  • Meeting your unique needs to store cold and frozen potatoes at your chosen destination.
  • Ensuring that temperatures are not too low or too high to store potatoes
  • Ensuring adequate chilled airflow passing through vegetable pallets

Our Holistic Approach in a Challenging Environment

Cold storage solutions are deployed and implemented in a challenging environment. With a challenging project schedule, we often face challenges and problems such as bad weather delays, frequent changes in design, and uncertainties and doubts related to projects.

With the expertise of our ethical and smart engineers and hard-working employees, we have completed projects of all magnitudes. Moreover, our ability to manage time adequately has been phenomenal because we meet deadlines within the timeframes that our clients allow us.

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Quality services goals

Our friendly and experienced installation and engineering teams ensure less energy consumption and adequate maintenance of applications and systems.

In a nutshell, goals for our FireSafe and quality potato and onion cold storage services include:

  • To ensure that the nutritional value of food items remains intact for a long time.
  • To ensure preservatives’ use remains minimum
  • To ensure that impending losses are lessened
  • To ensure that the food is stored in suitable conditions of up to -18 ºC to -35 ºC
  • To ensure that potatoes and onions remain fresh, tasty, and ready-to-cook

We are Clients-focused Company in Pakistan

Our esteemed and loyal clients choose us because we are known for providing the most modern and comprehensive solutions for small and large businesses to meet their cold storage needs.

In all areas of Pakistan, onions are cultivated in massive quantities. They are high in water and are considered delicate vegetable items. They need proper storage such as cold stores or glycol ammonia systems to preserve longer. This is where Izhar Foster cold storage solutions and equipment play a huge role for customers to enhance their storage of potatoes and onions.

How Our Engineered and Designed Cold Stores Work

Izhar Cold Storage Company has a dedicated, professional and experienced engineers and technical staff to ensure 100% quality services by providing best solutions according to needs and requirements. We ensure, the highest international standards of manufacturing and designing cold store panels and refrigeration equipment are maintained.

  • Prevention of spoilage of potatoes and onions.
  • Cold stores are kept free from carbon dioxide to maintain optimum taste.
  • Adequate humidity levels help to foster the freshness of vegetables over time.
  • State-of-the art latest equipment to exceed customers’ needs
  • Nationwide potato cold storage services in all major cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Karachi.
Cold Stores for Potato and Onion
Cold Stores & Clean Rooms for Pharmaceutical Industry

Features of our Potato and Onion Cold Storages

Moreover, our cold warehouse solutions provide phenomenal support and services to clients to enhance their food storage capacities. We employ professionals who understand the highest quality standards and design tailor-made solutions for our nationwide clients.

  • Our refrigerated warehousing solutions provide you with cold stores with temperatures ranging between 0C ~ 8C.
  • Ensure large capacity of storage
  • Compressor staging for capacity control
  •  Flexible designs
  • Cold stores provide optimal conditions for vegetables.
  • To ensure that the quality of potatoes and onions is well-maintained.
  • Ensure that your potatoes and onions are always kept cold and fresh in a warm and humid environment.
  • Our storage houses are generally equipped with specialized cold storage systems and refrigeration. Other features can help clients to maintain the right temperate ranges.
  • By specializing in ammonia refrigeration systems to store vegetables, we ensure perfect pipe-fitting mechanisms.

Clients Choose Izhar Cold Storage Company for Who We Are!

Izhar Group of companies was created by the late Engineer Izhar Ahmad Qureshi.  Our cold storage solutions have been highly reputed in Lahore and all across Pakistan. For several decades, under the dynamic leadership of Mr Izhar, we have developed into a multifaceted organization providing innovative and economical services to a wide variety of clients and industries.

Our long-served clients trust our potato and cold storage solutions because we ensure:

  • Constant coordination meetings with attention to detail were a must.
  • We ensure to supply the ultimate cold room parts and accessories to clients and meet their needs
  • Frozen food storage and cold rooms with consistent temperatures
  • Holistic potato storage systems and warehouses.

Customers Satisfaction is Our No.1 Priority

Izhar Cold Storge group uses industrial refrigeration service with a high commitment to exceeding the expectations of customers. This happens when you incorporate business ethics into providing the best quality workmanship with innovation. That allows us to provide the most innovative solutions for every project we design and deliver.

The overall satisfaction with our potato and onion cold storage solutions is determined by the customer’s impression related to our services and how they feel happy about our business ethics and practical expertise.

  • All the past projects and experiences show superior customer service.
  • Our ethical sales behavior ensures customers satisfaction
  • Good technical expertise is not enough to meet customers’ loyalty needs.

We directly enhance satisfaction with a blend of caring and professional solutions.

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