Izhar Steel Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles manufactured by Izhar Steel deliver ultimate freshness. Izhar Steel is using refrigeration equipment from top of the line manufacturers like Zannoti Italy, Thermo King USA, Songz China and other leading companies.

From frozen food to fresh fruit and dairy, Izhar’s refrigerated truck bodies are as diverse as the markets served. Designed and built to handle the challenges of temperature-sensitive product delivery, Izhar can customize the body type, size and configuration you choose, to include product-specific cooling and cargo-area features designed to better-protect your product and your investment.


T-Series Option By Izhar Steel from Thermoking

When Izhar Steel’s clients demand a reliable & durable refrigeration unit which will give maximum up-time while fully protecting their cargo, delivering temperature sensitive cargo under extreme low ambient conditions, one of our option is T-Series by Thermoking.

Customers in extreme low ambient conditions need refrigeration units with sufficient heating capacity to maintain loads in their optimum condition. To meet these special requirements, Thermo King has developed a means of capturing heat from the unit’s engine coolant and using it to boost heating performance. A secondary coil is built into the evaporator through which the coolant is routed to give heating capacities which are up to double the conventional values.

With the T-Series Heating Option:

T-600R and T-800R heating capacity on engine power is more than doubled to 6220W using water heat kit

T-1000R is increased by 46% to 6000W with heat upgrade

No additional refrigerant charge is needed for any of the above so there is no environmental impact

Electric heater bars option gives an additional 1900W for all units on electric stand-by

High Density PIR Insulation in Walls Floors & Ceilings of Izhar Refrigerated Vehicls

Izhar’s refrigerated¬† truck bodies are¬† fully insulated at the floor, walls and ceiling with highest density¬† foam. This means Izhar goes the extra mile not only to mitigate passive heat transfer and temperature shifts that can compromise the quality of your product.


Structural Insulated Sandwich Panel & Vaccine storage room are designed and built to handle the challenges of temperature-sensitive products delivery or storage