Vaccine Cold Stores & Cold Rooms:

With over 15 years of experience in the cold storage industry, including manufacturing cold storage solutions for the nation’s leading local and multinational companies, the IzharFoster team at Izhar Steel is well prepared to meet the challenges of cold chain for Covid-19 vaccines.

IzharFoster walk-in coolers and freezers are engineered to maintain stable temperatures as low as -40° C (-40° F) for vaccines that require freezing, and 2° C – 8° C for vaccines that require refrigeration to prevent product loss from temperature excursions.

IzharFoster walk-in vaccine coolers and freezers undergo detailed quality control and rigorous testing to ensure temperature stability and reliable performance in all conditions and locations. At these strict quality standards, IzharFoster is capable of providing vaccine cold storage anywhere in the country from major cities to rural areas. Additionally, standard cooler and freezer solutions are available for delivery in as little as 10 days. More complex solutions are designed and available for shipment in just a few weeks.
With recent global vaccine cold storage needs, the IzharFoster team acted quickly to accelerate production of their quick-ship cooler and freezer solutions.

Izhar is proud to offer cold storage solutions needed for Covid-19 vaccines and support vaccine providers and communities everywhere.

Vaccine Storage Walkin Chiller :

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Izhar Foster deals in vaccine storage room and vaccine walk-in cold room that is temperature stable and reliable performance in all conditions and locations. We also a cold storage building suppliers in Pakistan