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What is prefabrication?

‘’A building manufactured in sections and to enable assemble on site is called Prefabricated’’. Prefab is used for the manufacturing and construction of the building. This is a method where parts are made off-site at manufacturing unit or factory and then shipped to be set up on location to make a design.

Prefabs comes in different widely used varieties, each with unique advantages. You might wish to take some of these advantages for your benefit and taking them into consideration. It will depend on the particular building or project you are working on. In order to assist you with making a choice, we have gathered some brief details on the various prefab structures as well as the advantages that may help you in decision making of employing this modern technology to your next project.


Construction of a typically built home is more expensive than a prefab home. To get a prefab ready for moving in fewer workers needed to work for fewer days. This helps you save money. The profit margins of the construction industry are forced to decrease by annual increases in construction expenses. A rise in demand for commodities and labor results from milder temperatures and longer daylight hours, which raises the cost of both. Prefabrication lowers labor expenses which helps mitigate the rising cost of materials.

Reduce construction time

In production design, panels and pre-panels are semi-constructed just move them to the construction site to join them easily. There will be fewer days when workers are required to work on the project, and they will be less susceptible to weather-related cancellations and sicknesses that can cause delays of several days to weeks.

Less exposure to weather

Prefab also lessens its influence on the environment. It can reduce the pollution that a building project causes to the air, water, and noise.


Workers can easily disassemble and move sub-assemblies to different locations. Prefabricated construction solutions are becoming more popular among general builders and owners because they offer flexibility without limiting inventiveness. Because prefabricated and modular construction provides flexibility in structural design, the possibilities are unlimited.

Safety & Security

The construction industry is dangerous to work in, businesses aim to adopt safer practices. Because employees construct sub-assemblies in climate-controlled factories, prefabrication reduces the likelihood of issues with dust, moisture, and other environmental concerns. A factory-controlled environment offers greater safety compared to a project job site because workers and potential tenants are more vulnerable to weather-related health concerns on construction sites. Additionally, there are stricter production protocols and practices that shield employees from workplace accidents.

Prefabrication is a modern construction process that is growing in popularity. Izhar Foster are the pioneer of providing prefab solutions from so many years. Izhar Foster assists you in providing innovative ideas, and approaches that increase productivity and cost savings.

We can offer you perfect prefab solutions according to your need and requirements for your home, schools, commercial and industrial spaces like controlled shed and cold storages.

Our prefabricated school buildings are significantly more inexpensive, more aesthetically pleasing, and environment-friendly as compared to concrete buildings. Our factory’s pre-production procedure is effective, systematic, and wasteful to a minimum. Contrary to conventional structures, the assembly procedure at your workplace produces no trash.

We are able to design prefab office spaces that are catered to certain industry standards and specifications. Our structures come with universal pieces that let you customize your office however you see fit in the event that you ever want to relocate or rebuild your modular office space.