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Saving Fruit Pulp from Spoilage under perfect conditions!

Fruit pulp is an essential ingredient in the production of a variety of food and beverage products. Fruit pulp brings natural flavor and aroma of fruits to products like juices, ice creams and jams.

Cold stores and cold rooms constitute facilities that help food manufacturers store a variety of products at optimum and temperature-friendly conditions. Fruits and fruit-pulp are short-lived and highly likely to get spoilt under normal temperatures.

The benefit of fruit pulp cold storage rooms is that they are engineered and designed specifically to use ideal technologies and conditions and are pre-configured based on storage items.  In controlled temperatures, apples, mango, orange, pears, and other fruit pulp are kept in cold storage for up to 12 months to preserve their quality.

Pulp Cold Stores

What is Fruit Pulp

Fruit pulp is the edible part of any fruit, obtained by removing its skin, seeds, and inedible components. It consists of juice, flesh, and sometimes even seeds. In Pakistan various fruits are used to make fruit pulp the most common ones are apple, mangoes, guavas, and oranges. The fruit pulp can be consumed alone or used in other recipes or an added nutritional value.

Due to its unique texture and flavor, it is possible to preserve fruit pulp for a long time in specially designed pulp cold store. Unlike other fruit products, fruit pulp can be stored for longer periods without any significant change in its taste, color or texture.

What is a Pulp Cold Store or cold Room?

Once the fruit pulp is gone through its manufacturing process of washing, grinding, extraction and filtration the fruit pulp cold store plays very important role in its preservation for longer period of time. It keeps the product safe to consume and ensures its freshness. There are several ways to keep fruits from spoilage, including refrigeration, freezing, and thermal processing. The choice of method depends on the type of fruit being processed and the desired shelf life for the finished product.

The Ideal Temperature to Store Milk & Dairy Products

Drinking milk is sterilized milk that suits a temperate near 4-10 ° C to extend its life. While cold storage preserves milk at around 15-20 ° C, milk can be stored for almost 1.5 to 3 months.

On the other hand, yoghurt also needs appropriate storage conditions to prolong its life and quality. For example, if stored at 7-10 ° C, it can be stored for almost one week. However, it can last for almost two weeks if stored at an even lower temperature of 5-7 °C.

Our expert milk and dairy cold storage professionals recommend storing cheese at 5 ° C for it to last for 12 months (a whole year). However, if cheese is stored at around 15 ° C, its life can vary between 3 weeks to 9 months.

Cold Stores for Dairy Products

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Cold Storage

Fruit Pulp Cold store role for Maintaining Quality

The fruit pulp is a vital ingredient that is extracted from various fruits and utilised in the production of many beverage and food products. In pulp and fruit cold storages, adequate temperatures are maintained ranging from32 from 38ºF to suit the needs of fruits and products.

Maintaining the optimum quality of pulp products, cold rooms and storage is indispensable in Pakistan for preserving the quality and flavor of these products.

Moreover, using cold storage solutions to save fruit pulp in any city of Pakistan, it is possible to create the most ideal conditions and environments for storing fruit pulp. This strategy ensures that the shelf life of fruit pulp increases and that it keeps its nutritional value.

Cold storages help fruit pulp manufacturers to:

  • Maintain a constant supply of high-quality pulp that doesn’t lose quality
  • Helps them avoid waste and fruit pulp spoilage
  • Improve revenues and profitability
  • It ensures the freshness of fruit pulp product
  • It also ensures reduction in spoilage and provides necessary refrigeration and freezing resources and environments

Izhar Foster Specializes in providing Turnkey Fruit Pulp Cold Storage Solutions

In Pakistan, among many fruit processing industries the bulk storage of fruit pulp is a common practice.  Fruit pulp must be maintained at a cold temperature around 0˚C to 4˚C. This means that fruit pulp can remain stored successfully for up to ten months in a fruit pulp cold storage space

Izhar Foster is the only company in Pakistan that maintains and designs fruit pulp cold stores in all major cities. Our distinguished services allow clients to:

  • Preserve fruit pulp at low temperatures
  • Slows down decay and prevents bacteria’s growth
  • Choose the appropriate freezing equipment or technique
  • Ensures the process of thermal processing to kill harmful or dangerous microorganisms
  • Ensures prolong storage of fruit pulp for several months
  • Facilitates overseas transport

In other words, Izhar Foster help clients all across Pakistan to establish the best fruit pulp cold stores designed specifically from a customers’ perspective. We help customers to grow profits!

At Izhar Group, we have a team of professional engineers and cold storage setup technical experts who understand the requirements of cold storage requirements. Our experts possess nearly 50 years of global experience in their respective fields and have given advice and support to many clients.

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