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Milk and Dairy Cold Storage Services

Milk and dairy products are extensively popular and consumed daily in Pakistan or any country. Milk is among those food products which can be stored for days or weeks if its temperature is maintained in a cold storage facility. Any dairy product like milk, butter, or cheese are meant to be consumed within a day or a few weeks, a proper cold storage is a necessity for milk and dairy products to increase their shelf lives.

What is Milk and Dairy Cold Storage?

Milk and dairy food products constitute different consumable items for daily breakfast and everyday use. These products can comprise cow milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, and cheese. Factually, all of these products have a short shelf life, however requires cold storage to best quality and taste.

A Cold Storage keeps the milk & dairy products fresh

Cold storage experts claim that storing all liquid milk at a temperature below 40 °F is an appropriate and viable strategy. Instead of placing them in hot display cases above 40 °F, milk quality will surely deteriorate as it can quickly spoil in hot temperatures. Moreover, the risk of deterioration of milk and dairy products is shorter than the deterioration of other food products. The microorganisms in the dairy products cause the product to deteriorate below certain degrees. If we want the milk and dairy products to be healthier and have longer life they must be kept in Milk Cold Storage Rooms to guarantee the high quality.

The best possible way is to store and place milk at 10 ° C or below. Thus, our cold storage solutions help to prevent bacteria from flourishing in milk.

The Ideal Temperature to Store Milk & Dairy Products

Drinking milk is sterilized milk that suits a temperate near 4-10 ° C to extend its life. While cold storage preserves milk at around 15-20 ° C, milk can be stored for almost 1.5 to 3 months.

On the other hand, yoghurt also needs appropriate storage conditions to prolong its life and quality. For example, if stored at 7-10 ° C, it can be stored for almost one week. However, it can last for almost two weeks if stored at an even lower temperature of 5-7 °C.

Our expert milk and dairy cold storage professionals recommend storing cheese at 5 ° C for it to last for 12 months (a whole year). However, if cheese is stored at around 15 ° C, its life can vary between 3 weeks to 9 months.

Cold Stores for Dairy Products

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Cold Storage

Izhar Foster Milk & Dairy Cold Rooms- Where Ultimate Milk Quality is Guaranteed

Cold stores for milk and dairy products are crucial for improving the shelf life and freshness of all such milk and dairy products. In order to keep milk, butter, or cheese in prime quality and save them from perishing, there is a dire need to avoid storing them at room temperature.

Our professionals know that these perishable products can spoil easily if stored at room temperature. As being Pakistan’s No.1 cold storage manufacturer and service providers, we have provided nationwide milk and dairy cold storage rooms where clients ensure deliciousness of milk in every drop. We have designed cold storage solutions which ensure appropriate temperatures and humidity levels to store your dairy products in excellent quality. This is why Izhar foster is known in all major cities for providing the best cold rooms for milk storage to extend its shelf life and prevent the growth of harmful pathogens.

Why Our Cold Storage Services are Top-notch

Our top-notch milk and dairy cold storage services and designs are tailor-made for dairy manufacturers to expand their distribution channels and reach more customers. We help clients increase revenues and profits.

  • Izhar Foster employs experienced engineers to offer turnkey solutions for milk and dairy storage clients.
  • We assist clients in design, building, and equipment choice.
  • We provide cutting-edge refrigeration systems and cold storage equipment.
  • Enable a much faster process of milk and dairy cold storage
  • Ensure the prevention of dairy products from contamination and bacteria

Izhar Foster, as an expert in the field of industrial refrigeration offers need based solutions to its clients in order for industrial refrigeration of milk & dairy products and to ensure optimal conditions during cold storage with most efficient, reliable and innovative refrigeration, equipment and project design.

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