FireSafe Cold Stores

Izhar Steel is highly specialized in production and installation of FireSafe cold store using Ozone friendly technologies. By taking a lead in adopting “green alternatives” in manufacturing of FireSafe Cold Store Panels and refrigeration equipment, Izhar Steel is the only company in Pakistan capable of meeting international standards and operating globally.

Weather it is construction of industrial cold warehouse with ammonia system or commercial cold store with rack technology or a medium size cold store with CDU system, our professionals can provide you the most effective solutions which are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest international standards.

Industrial Refrigeration with glycol ammonia system:

For industrial refrigeration equipment screw or piston compressors are provided. These high tech compressors operate with ammonia, R404, R507 and CO2. Glycol and Alcohol are used as intermediate fluids. All equipments are operated by PLC and computerized supervision is provided for an economical and optimized management. Refrigeration design team make sure reduced energy consumption, guarantee smooth operation with correct maintenance.

For ice cream, milk & yogurt industries, huge quantities of cold is required for thermical treatment at low cost. For these sectors, Zanotti provides cooling systems that operate with ammonia and ecological gases, with high yield equipments for the production of cold water, “ice-bank” with stainless steel tanks.

Commercial Refrigeration with rack system:

Izhar makes cold stores with temperature ranging from -35C to 0C on turnkey basis with optimized cost and minimum energy consumption. Rack system  is programmed to control the operating times, temperatures, priorities and alarms for simple, safe and reliable management.

Refrigeration racks are custom assemblies featuring multiple, parallel piped compressors.

They are designed, engineered and built to fit your unique refrigeration requirements.

Racks are available for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be used with air-cooled, water-cooled or evaporative-cooled condensers.

Rack systems have several key features that allow for optimized performance compared to traditional condensing unit systems. These features include:

  •                 Large capacity in a compact footprint
  •                 Compressor staging for capacity control
  •                 Single point wiring and piping
  •                 Design flexibility
  •                 Can control up to 3 suction groups
  •                 3-8 compressors on one frame
  •                 Intelligent system microprocessor control
  •                 Compressor combination up to 320 hp

refrigerated warehousing of fruit

Izhar Steel has acquired wide experience in design and contracting of turnkey projects in refrigerated warehousing of fruit & vegetable, meat, fish, poultry, medicine, chemicals and other industries.

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Fruit and vegetable are properly preserved only when humidity, CO2 and ethylene level are under control. Izhar Steel introduced the use of  modern CO2 control evacuation systems, ethylene absorbers and hi-tech humidifiers in cold store industry of Pakistan.


Cold Storage Units in Lahore

Chicken processing, seafood storage, butcheries and slaughterhouses require highly efficient and safe installations without defrost problems. Izhar Steel provides equipment which maintains the best organoleptic qualities of the meat, poultry and seafood.

Small Storage Coolers and Freezers Manufacturers

Small Storage Coolers & Freezers

Small storage coolers are available in standard sizes as well as custom designs to fit your needs. Izhar Foster Coolers & Freezers are available with or without an insulated floor. The cold room’s location, application, and cold storage needs will depict if an insulated floor is needed or not.


  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Small Food Warehouses
  • Butcher Shops
  • Floral Markets
  • Ice Production
  • Frozen Food Storage
  • Perishable Goods
  • Morgues/Mourtury
  • Production/Processing Units
  • Environmental Control Units
  • Blast Freezer
  • Testing Labs
  • Chemical Storage
  • Biological Clean Rooms
Firesafe Cold Stores in Pakistan
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Commercial Refrigeration System
Cold Stores
Multi purpose cold stores

Multi-purpose cold stores installed by Izhar steel for logistics companies and airport facilities are designed to cater wide range of temperatures.

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Storage coolers and freezers

Izhar Foster is one of the top cold warehouse contractor and cold store manufacturers company in Pakistan. We also deals in fruit and vegetable cold store supplies for all type of industries.

To know about the cold storage plant cost, get in touch with us.