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We provide nationwide refrigerated chambers to solve your meat and poultry cold storage problems.

A cold store basically comprises temperature controlled refrigerated chambers or cold rooms that helps to preserve, store, freeze, and maintain quality of perishable food items or meat products. In cold storage, particular substructural conditions must be met to get the best performance in a slaughter house or meat storage facility.

Izhar Foster have turnkey solutions for its clients for temperature-controlled storage solutions for their meat/poultry slaughter house and cold storage needs.

FireSafe Cold Stores in Pakistan
Cold Storage for Meats

What is Meat Cold Storage

Meat and poultry items need optimum temperatures and storage conditions to maintain quality. Meat cold storage refers to a storage facility that can be a walk-in small chiller or large cold warehouse. Meat is a protein-rich product with particular storage requirements, in order to protect it from bacteria and increase its shelf life, expert professionals are of opinion that raw meat should be maintained at near 40° F or below this will discourage the spread of various pathogens to flourish on the meat’s surface.

Meat and poultry need to be properly stored hence two techniques are used for its preservation

Blast Freezer for Meat and Poultry

A blast freezer is a type of commercial freezer that quickly freezes food products to very low temperatures. The rapid freezing process preserves the quality of the food by preventing the formation of large ice crystals, which can damage the cell structure and affect the taste and texture of the food. Blast freezers are often used in the food industry to preserve the freshness of meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. They can also be used to quickly freeze prepared meals and desserts.

Blast freezer (quick-frozen food) usually requires relatively large refrigeration equipment. The cooling capacity of the equipment is directly proportional to the amount of quick-freezing of the food and inversely proportional to the time of quick-freezing. The Blast freezer room is to quickly pass the food through its larger ice crystal formation area, and quickly freeze when the central temperature reaches -18°C.

Izhar Foster can provide the customize blast freezer for your specific requirements including designing, detailing, supply of refrigeration system along with all control systems.

Small Cold Storage

To know about the Meat and Poultry cold storage plant cost in Pakistan, get in touch with us


Blast Chiller for Meat and Poultry

Blast chillers are high powered refrigeration units that can cool down or chill the food products a lot faster than traditional cooling methods. Rapid chilling of foods, beverages, meat, poultry and other temperature sensitive products through the pathogen growth zone very quickly. Blast chillers may vary greatly in size and set up according to your need and requirements.

Proper temperature control is crucial in the food service and research industries. Izhar foster specializes in blast Chillers & blast freezer designed to preserve hygienic conditions. Contact us today to find the right temperature control solution for your needs:

Let us provide you with large refrigerated containers and cold rooms for ideal meat and poultry storage

There is a massive need for meat and poultry cold stores and slaughter houses in Pakistan to ensure a continuous and permanent supply to customers and also to increase exports. Meat cold stores and slaughterhouses play an indispensable role in moving our economy forward. Manufacturers need cold rooms and places with medium or large capacity machines and equipment to maintain an ongoing supply of food products.

Izhar foster can provide meat and poultry cold storage designs tailored solutions to ensure the nutritional value of meat and also enable high-quality for long time.

Meat and poultry cold storage comes with plenty of challenges. For instance, you need the best conditions possible to store, move, transport, and maintain meat/poultry items. This requires storing meat and poultry in high-performance blast freezers and cold rooms specifically designed for keeping food products in optimum condition.

Cold storage of meat and poultry items can be a cumbersome affair. This is the reason our professional engineers are experienced and understand your meat and poultry cold storage needs. We understand that cold storage is the most viable and effective method to store these products. For example, you can store meat and poultry products in a blast chiller or blast freezer specially designed to store these kinds of food items.

  • Our bespoke refrigerated container solutions will ensure the best meat and poultry cold storage.
  • Our goal is to meet all your specific cold storage requirements.
  • The goal is to keep your meat and poultry products stored at the optimum temperature.
  • To reduce the waste of meat and lowering costs.
  • To ensure the preservation of the nutritional value of meat and poultry products
Refrigerated Warehousing
Meat Cold Storage in Pakistan

Top-notch Meat Cold Storage to Ensure Longer Freshness

Besides, meat requires freshness with prefect environmental and storage characteristics.
We guarantee meat & poultry cold stores and equipment/technologies to reduce your food losses. Our food cold storage solutions designed to your needs will ensure your food remains fresh, tasty, and ready-to-cook for a long time.
We have been the provider of services to customers that are leader in industry with the best meat and poultry storage solutions in all major cities of Pakistan.
Moreover, by becoming our client, you will get the specialized services and turnkey solutions to establish a fully equipped Meat & Poultry Cold Store in your chosen area or a slaughterhouse. Rest assured, we provide meat and poultry cold storage options from scratch and design perfect cold rooms after selecting suitable refrigeration and cold storage systems for your needs.

Izhar Foster Meat & Poultry cold rooms provide

  • High specification and optimum quality cold refrigerated storage rooms and equipment.
  • Affordable pricing plans for meat and poultry cold storage solutions
  • Impeccable customer service.
  • Ensure that our customers always maintain high-quality and healthy food.

 The Bottom line is…if you want to ensure an adequate chilled airflow passing through your meat and poultry products while they are still preserved, you need FireSafe and high-quality meat and poultry cold storage services from the best in Pakistan.

We are the Most Reliable Nationwide Meat Cold Storage Provider Company

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