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Sandwich panels consist of three layers that are designed to clad a building. These panels are made up of thermo-insulating lightweight material. They have many advantages because of their thermo-insulating properties. Sandwich panels are a combination of thin and rigid materials that are more durable than all other traditional wood framings. The material can be reused over and over again. So, it ultimately saves a lot of maintenance costs. Moreover, structural efficiency can be achieved by using the sandwich panels because the panels hold the outer building tightly.

Sandwich Panels provide resistance against heat:

The main advantage of sandwich panels is that they provide thermal resistance. Sandwich panels act as a barrier against extremely hot weather conditions. This feature makes them more important because we live in a country where we experience scorching heat. Sandwich panels help in reducing the effect of heat. It saves a lot of energy that would’ve been required for cooling purposes. Sandwich panels are used in cold storage because they keep the room cool.

Provide resistance against noise:

One of the primary advantages of sandwich panels is that they contain soundproof material. It is very important in urban and residential areas where we experience noise pollution every day. It minimizes the effect of unwanted sound. Prevention from noise pollution is necessary because it creates harmful effects on humans.

Flame retardant:

The middle layer of the sandwich panel contains polystyrene which is non-flammable material. It prevents fire from spreading inside and outside of the building. Fire resistance is necessary for the safety of workers and property in the building. By the use of sandwich panels in the buildings, we can protect the buildings from fire. Different sandwich panels have different levels of fire resistance. Users can choose different sandwich panels according to their requirements.

Resistance against water:

Sandwich panels prevent the building from heavy rainfall because they are water resistant. All other materials like cement and sand destroy the structure of the building. Sandwich panels reduce the humidity and help in maintaining a good and firm structure of the building.


Composite materials are more expensive than sandwich panels. The panels are very light in weight so they can be easily transferred from the factory to the construction place. No huge machinery is required to carry out sandwich panels. Because of the lightness of the material, the panels are cheaper than many other construction materials.

Easy installation:

Unlike other systems, sandwich panels are quick and easy to install. Workers can assemble the layers of panels easily without any use of heavy machinery like cranes. So, it saves a lot of time. A building can be constructed in a relatively shorter period by using sandwich panels.

Provides aesthetic:

The look of the building plays an essential role in the growth of the business. Unique and aesthetic buildings attract more people to the business. Sandwich panels are available in different designs, shapes, and colors. Users can select the designs and colors according to their needs. It enhances the look of the building.
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